Q: I have questions and want to speak to someone about the products.
A: We would like to speak to you and provide any information we can to you. Please email: sales@armapolytech.com

Q: Can I use separate shipping and billing addresses?
A: We do not accept separate shipping and billing addresses. The reason for this is to solely protect you from any issues with fraud.

Q: Are felons restricted from the ownership of firearms that have been built from Arma Polytech?
A: On the ATF website (www.atf.gov) felons are restricted from the ownership and receiving a firearm. At Arma Polytech we have a strict policy that we do not sell to persons known to us to be convicted felons or prohibited possessors.

Q: Does my credit card information get stored?
A: We do not store your payment information. We do not store it solely to protect both you and Arma Polytech.

Q: Is it legal to assemble a firearm from commercially available parts?
A: According to the ATF website (www.atf.gov). At Arma Polytech we do not provide legal advice. Please keep in mind firearm law vary from state-to-state. It is suggested you consult your local counsel for an opinion for your specific jurisdiction

Q: What is an 80% lower receiver?
A: An 80% lower receiver is only 80% manufactured. Part of the lower is un-fabricated until the fire control cavity is milled using an 80% jig.

Q: Does the ATF know about 80% receivers?
A: Yes, however an 80% lower receiver is not a firearm until it has been milled. Purchasing and owning an 80% lower receiver does not require paperwork or regulations that govern the purchase.

Q: Where can I find more information about my state laws and 80% lowers?
A: The NRA Website is a great resource to familiarize your specific state laws regarding firearms.

Q: Can you do customer work for products?
A: No, we do not offer any custom work

Q: What type of equipment do I need to complete my 80% lower receiver?
A: For best results we suggest a tabletop drill press or knee mill.

Q: How long does it normally take to set up/use your equipment?
A: Setting up our jig if you follow instructions can be done in less than 30 minutes, however completing and building the final unit will vary depending on your abilities and patience, however if it is your first time we suggest you take your time.

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80 Percent Lower For Sale Arma Polytech AR15 Polymer Lowers | armapolytech.com
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